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Rossa HC Hand Espresso

The Rossa HC Hand Espresso is the evolution of the original Rossa Hand Espresso design. The Rossa HC has been updated to include a larger pitch thread driven by a longer 100mm handle. The upgrade also includes a new design low friction female spindle thread, which provides enhanced pressure control and improved usability.

The revised Rossa HC provides increased control over a greater range of pressures, and works equally well with or without the Pressure Adapter. The low friction design makes it very easy to feel subtle pressure changes when used without the optional Pressure Adapter. However, the Rossa HC enables greater scope for experimentation and precision when used with the Pressure Adapter.

The Rossa was originally designed as a portable device, and was specifically designed to enable the user to produce high quality espresso anywhere that boiling water can be accessed. It is a manually operated device requiring no external power source. All you need is fresh ground coffee and boiling water to make quality espresso that is second-to-none!

The Rossa operates within the same principles that apply to all quality espresso machines. That is, temperature, pressure and flow must be controlled to produce the perfect shot. The Rossa HC provides the user with absolute control over these three variables, and its unique design also enables precise control over a number of additional variables.

Experiencing the full potential of the Rossa HC requires a basic understanding of the principles of espresso, and some practice is required to develop and refine your operating technique. However, it is recognised that not everyone seeks perfection, and the Rossa HC will produce exceptionally smooth espresso with very little effort. However, if perfection is what you seek, the Rossa HC Hand Espresso gives you unparalleled feel and control that takes the art of espresso to a whole new level.

The Rossa HC comes with the choice between the Standard Filter Head and the Naked Filter Head.






Standard Filter Head



Rossa Support Stand (Optional) 


Rossa Hand Espresso in Support Stand
(Cup fits beneath the Rossa)


Rossa Supported in Inverted Position for Easy Filling