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Pricing and Sales   (All prices in Australian dollars)

Please email sales@portaspresso.com for all sales enquiries.
Include in your email which items you are interested in along with your delivery country. A quote will be forwared detailing item pricing and shipping rates and options where available.

Feel free to ask questions before making a purchase. Portaspresso's goal is to ensure that each person chooses the best product for his or her needs.

Rosco Mini Hand Grinder    $ 400.00

Includes the following items:

Hand Grinder
Screw-in Cup
Instruction Manual

Grind Transfer Adapter (Optional)   $25.00

Rosco Hand Grinder    $ 475.00

Includes the following items:

Hand Grinder
Screw-in Cup

Instruction Manual 

Rossa PG Brass Air Espresso    $ 595.00

Rossa TR Brass Air Espresso    $ 495.00

Pressure Adapter (Optional)    $ 150.00

Air Espresso includes the following items:

Main Body
Air Cylinder
Cylinder Filling Adapter

Filter Basket - 14g

Naked Filter Head

Rossa Multi-Purpose Base

Instruction Manual

Rossa HC-P Hand Espresso    $ 550.00

Rossa HC Hand Espresso    $ 450.00

Pressure Adapter (Optional)    $ 150.00

Rossa HC and HC-P Hand Espresso include the following items:

Press Unit

Filter Basket - 14g
Standard Filter Head (Can exchange for Naked Filter Head)
Instruction Manual

Options and Accessories

Rossa Support Stand

$ 75.00

The support stand is designed to provide support for the Rossa Hand Espresso. Freehand use provides more feel, but a steady hand is required. The support stand steadies the Rossa during operation, and is a great way to store the unit when not in use. Also supports the Rossa in the inverted position for easy filling.

Filter Basket - 7g

$ 15.00

A standard single shot basket with reduced filter surface area. Used to produce a weaker shot. The reduced filter surface area is also good when coarse or dry coffee is used (not recommended though!).

 Filter Basket - 14g

$ 16.00

Included in the Rossa Hand Espresso Kit.
Best for normal use with fresh ground coffee.

Filter Basket - 21g

$ 18.00

If you think sleep is a waste of time, then the 21g basket is for you!

# Requires optional Triple or Naked Filter Head

     Standard Filter  Head

$ 78.00

Included in the Rossa Hand Espresso Kit. Suits 7g and 14g filter baskets. Additional filter head assemblies are great for making multiple shots.

# Includes basket retaining spring.

Triple Filter Head

$ 84.00

The triple filter head suits the 21g filter basket. The 7g and 14g baskets also fit this head.

# Includes basket retaining spring.

Naked Filter Head

$ 69.00

The naked filter head enables you to see the shot as it extracts through the filter. Used to refine your overall technique and minimise weight.

Shipping within Australia

Standard orders to addresses within Australia  -  $25.00

Discounted Shipping Offer (Delivery other than Australia)

Shipping to countries outside Australia is capped at the basic rate applicable to each country.
The more items you order, the more you save on shipping.
Shipping rates and options where applicable will be provided on your quote.


All payments via direct bank deposit.