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Rossa TR Brass Air Espresso

The Rossa TR Brass Air Espresso (1.3 kg) is a premium portable device that is compact and easy to use. Designed for the traveller, but equally suited to those with limited bench space and are unwilling to compromise on coffee quality. Whether you are at home, at work or on the other side of the world, your morning coffee ritual can remain a constant with the Rossa TR. All you need is fresh ground coffee and boiling water to make quality espresso that is truly sensational.

The Rossa Air Espresso is an evolution of the Rossa Hand Espresso. The design incorporates the key principles of the hand espresso into a more user friendly device. Extraction pressure is generated from compressed air stored in a detachable cylinder via a precision valve specifically designed for the Rossa. The pneumatic pressure generation design makes the Rossa Air Espresso very simple to operate and a pleasure to use.

Extraction pressure is largely controlled by pressure stored in the air cylinder. For example, charging the cylinder to 14 bar typically produces 9 bar extraction (pressure reduction due to equalisation), and a 9 bar charge typically produces 6 bar extraction. Optimum extraction generally requires a gradual pressure decline during the extraction phase, and the Rossa Air Espresso’s cylinder has been designed with a volume that produces the decline automatically if not otherwise manipulated.

Note – Air cylinder generally requires charging for each shot but two shots can be produced with a single charge (1 x 9 bar extraction and 1 x 6 bar extraction using appropriate pressure profiles). Maximum charge pressure – 20 bar (300 psi)

The air cylinder is supplied with a filling adapter to suit a standard Schrader fitting (car tyre valve), which provides flexibility to choose between a variety of readily available pumps (not included) ranging from small bicycle shock pumps to high pressure bicycle floor pumps and the 12v electric pumps used to inflate car tyres. Pump selection is personal choice, and there are numerous low and high cost options available. For those not averse to manual pumping, a small bicycle shock pump is a great option, particularly when size and weight restrictions apply. The 12v electric pumps are perfect for those who prefer to avoid manual pumping, and some can be powered from a small rechargeable battery and are even small enough to fit in the kitchen draw.

Basic operation of the Rossa TR Air Espresso is very simple:

1.      Charge air cylinder

2.      Fit air cylinder to main body

3.      Fill basket with ground coffee and tamp firmly

4.      Preheat device and fill with boiling water

5.      Fit filter head

6.      Invert and open valve

Note – Optimum espresso quality requires regulation of valve opening speed to control the pressure ramp-up rate. The valve assembly and overall design of the device provides the user with excellent control to regulate the pressure ramp-up rate to suit individual preference.

A fantastic addition to the Rossa Air Espresso is the Rossa Base. The base is multipurpose: 1) Support the Rossa when not in use, 2) support the inverted Rossa Air Espresso during preheating and fitting of filter head, and 3) catch and contain water remaining inside the device after extraction. In addition to these very handy functions, the base matches the Rossa’s design to ensure the aesthetics are as pleasing as the coffee.

If you seek a compact portable espresso option and do not wish to compromise your coffee quality, the Rossa TR Air Espresso is the perfect choice.

Add the Pressure Adapter to the system to take your coffee to another level through increased precision and pressure profiling.

See the Rossa Air Espresso in Action