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Rosco Mini Hand Grinder

The Rosco Mini Hand Grinder is a manually operated coffee grinder designed to grind roasted coffee beans. It is a precision instrument capable of producing extremely accurate, consistent and repeatable grinds ranging from coarse plunger style to the finest Turkish grind. The Rosco Mini uses a 38mm conical burr set which provides a balance between grinding speed and ease of operation. Also, the relatively slow cutting action of the Rosco Mini ensures that heat and fines (fine coffee dust) are minimised.

The engineering and workmanship of the Rosco Mini is unmatched. Every manufactured metal component is precision machined from brass stock. Ball bearings are used throughout to ensure precision rotation, and a thrust ball bearing assembly ensures consistently smooth and accurate operation under grinding load.

All components that effect concentricity or alignment of the cutting mechanism are machined in one setup. This ensures correct cutter alignment, and the design ensures that the alignment cannot be affected from disassembly.

Very fine and repeatable grind size settings are crucial for those seeking the highest quality espresso. The Rosco Mini's grind size adjustment is extremely accurate. Adjustments as small as 0.01mm are easily achieved with the Rosco Mini Hand Grinder, and the same setting can be regained with confidence after using a previous setting or even after completely disassembling the grinder. Also, the grind setting can be set with confidence knowing that the self-locking locknut design cannot slip.

The Rosco Mini Hand Grinder uses the same conical burr and grinding mechanism as the Rosco Hand Grinder. The Mini was designed to provide the same high performance as the Rosco, but in a smaller size. The smaller size makes it easier to grip and use, and is a little lighter in weight without compromising on performance or quality.

he supplied cup fits into the Rosco Mini to enable you to capture ground coffee for use in any coffee making device. The common and critical factor that applies to all extraction methods is the need to use fresh ground coffee. The Rosco Mini enables you to precision grind your favourite coffee beans as required to ensure the finest coffee experience.