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Pressure Adapter
Pressure Adapter

The Pressure Adapter (0.55 kg) enables both the Rossa HC Hand Espresso and the Rossa TR Air Espresso to be used with a pressure gauge fitted. Operation is basically the same with Adapter fitted or not. The only exception is that a little more water is required to fill the extra volume of the Adapter.

The Pressure Adapter removes any doubt as to the pressure generated during extraction, and provides the more adventurous with seemingly infinite possibilities to explore extraction pressure variations.

The extra mass of the Adapter is a deliberate design feature to provide further scope for temperature profiling. The preheating procedure can be manipulated to allow more or less heat to penetrate the device which enables the operator to gain more control over the rate of temperature drop during extraction.

The Pressure Adapter is fitted with an 11 bar liquid filled stainless steel pressure gauge. The Adapter screws into either the standard Rossa or Rossa HC in replace of the filter head, and the filter head screws into the bottom of the Adapter.

Pressure Adapter Fitted to Rossa HC