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Rossa HC-P Hand Espresso
The Rossa HC-P Hand Espresso combines the Rossa HC and the Pressure Adapter into a single compact design. The HC-P is designed for those who want the added precision of a pressure gauge for every shot, and is a great option for those seeking perfection in their coffee experience.

The Rossa HC-P uses the same updated features of the HC to include a larger pitch thread driven by a longer 100mm handle and new design low friction female spindle thread to provide enhanced pressure control and improved usability. Furthermore, the Rossa Hand Espresso models provide the user with exceptional pressure control over the profile range, and in particular, the unique design provides exceptionally high precision during the very important low pressure phase of the profile. The HC-P is a very nice design, and is well suited to those wanting to push the limits of what is possible in coffee through pressure profiling.

The Rossa HC-P comes with the choice between the Standard Filter Head and the Naked Filter Head.